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With the help of FormsolverĀ®, you don't have to be an expert in low-energy design to know how to produce greener buildings. Formsolver works in the background of your workflow to improve your designs.

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Formsolver is a revolutionary new design tool that enhances your ability to create greener, better, buildings more easily than ever before. Our mission is to provide you with tools that will help you work smarter, faster, more easily, and with greater control - to achieve goals that you never thought were possible.

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Design as you usually would in Rhino or Grasshopper.

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Formsolver displays results as you work.

Plugs Into Your Workflow
Plugs Into Your Workflow

The Formsolver plugin works in both Rhino and Grasshopper and works seamlessly in the background while you design. Formsolver offers suggestions to improve the sustainability of your design, without compromising budget, function, or aesthetic.

Graphical Energy Interface
Graphical Energy Interface

Formsolver's graphic interface makes it easy to view energy spend. View energy usage by month, by surface, or product. An easy to navigate design history allows you to see your progress.

Search Meets Design
Search Meets Design

Target areas of your design for specific search feedback and lock in design solutions that you know you want to keep.

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We believe green design shouldn't cost more to produce. At less than per month, Formsolver delivers unparalleled value at an unbeatable price.
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