Our Values

We are more than just a software company that provides services to architects and designers. Like you, we want to play a meaningful role in changing the world. We challenge convention, and we work, day by day, to make society more equitable, sustainable, and thoughtful. These are the values that shape our work.
We support the open-minded and those who work to empower, shape, and diversify a vision of tomorrow.

We believe in equality, and we dedicate ourselves to overcoming the barriers that prevent individuals and communities from having a fair go. To this end, we want everyone to succeed and find a meaningful place in a world informed by a broad and sensitive vision for tomorrow.

Privacy is important. We have built every component and written every piece of code to align with three fundamental principles.

We build products that let you choose only to disclose what you wish to by providing a clear line of separation between your information and our services. Formsolver treats every part of your design as 'opt-in'. Formsolver only reads the information you have told it to and ignores everything else. We build products made to fit you and your organization with security in mind. All data transmissions employ strongly encrypted with AES-256 technologies.

We aim to support designers everywhere by demolishing the barriers that present stumbling blocks to good low energy design.

Formsolver exists because we genuinely feel that every designer plays a vital role in protecting, improving, and evolving the relationship between our civilization and the natural systems that support it.

Design shapes the world. Design is an action and the pursuit of excellence.

We want you to have the ability to do work that's better than anything you've done before. We want green design to be cheap and accessible to every designer, and we feel so strongly about this that we've decided to make Formsolver available for everyone to use at no cost – that's right – it's free! But wait – nothing is free, right? Wrong. Formsolver is offered to you free of charge. We will never bill you, and we will never sell your information to a third party. Our terms of use and privacy policy explain this promise in more detail, and you can read it here.

We believe green design shouldn't cost any more to produce. That's why we made Formsolver free for everyone.
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Formsolver technologies are patent pending.